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Coyote Tracks - Thursday February 11 Edition

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Woo Hoo!!!  I'm back from the Snowpacolypse, aka Snomaggedon, aka my sister's house in Pittsburgh.  I feel incredibly jet-lagged and wish I could sleep for a few days, but I know you folks need your linkage.  Thanks to Travis for taking the reins while I was unavailable (photograph of reason for said unavailability after the jump).

So, Coyotes win a big game in Minnesota and sweep the season series - excellent work boys.  Two more games and then the Olympic break will be upon us.  The Coyotes have now matched their season point total for all of last year with 21 games to go.  Unbelievable...and I'm sure Travis will have plenty more information about that including his game recap soon, but as I write this, it is not up yet.

Last Night Around the NHL:  Was 5 - Mtl 6 (OT) (Thus ends the Capitals 14 game win streak); Phl 3 - NJ 2 (OT); Nsh 2 - NYR 1; SJ 0 - Cls 3; NYI 1 - Pit 3; Phx 3 - Min 2; Atl 3 - Col 4 (OT); Edm 2 - Ana 3

Reaction to last night's Coyotes victory from Travis will be up soon.  In the meantime, here are how some other folks saw it. [AP via AZCentral] [Hockey Wilderness] [YotesGurl]

Carter picked as potential Getzlaf replacement -
Philadelphia Flyers centre Jeff Carter has been informed he will join the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team if Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks is unable to play.  I'm sure we'd all love to see Doaner suiting up for Team Canada, but I'm perfectly happy to have him rest up and get back to 100% for the stretch run.

John Buccigross: The world lost a great light in Brendan Burke - ESPN
A few select people on this earth illuminate. They shine with a softened glow. Brendan Gilmore Burke was one of those people.  Some sappy stuff from Bucci who I used to really enjoy, but his anti-Phoenix bent this year really turned me off.  Still, this is a very good read.

The Phoenix Coyotes are victims of Phoenix’s fan attention deficit disorder | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
Greg Esposito delves into the Phoenix sports fan's mindset.  I think we've hashed and re-hashed most of these points here already.

COYOTES CARNIVAL - Phoenix Coyotes - Community
As Travis pointed out the other day, the Coyotes Carnival is coming up on March 7 with all proceeds to benefit Coyotes Charities - get your tickets today!

And for your daily whimsy...

1BR Affordable Snow Fort Sublet In Capitol Hill
I'm not sure if it will pass code, but it's an impressive display of craftsmanship.

That is me and my beautiful niece Summer Isabella and she made digging cars out of the snow for 3 days worthwhile.