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Coyote Tracks - February 10th - Wild Gameday Edition


So another game tonight against the Wild, and just one more day until the Olympics start. Then two more games. Then Olympic hockey. Really? We couldn't work that out there NHL let our athletes walk in the opening ceremonies or somethin? Way to be hosers. Preview will be up later today and a gamethread, though there are conflicting reports about if the game will be on Center Ice since FSN is showing the game on tape delay. Yay >:| SO either we all watch it from a random link on the internet or listen to the dulcet tones of Bob Heethus and Tyson "I Love You Heeter" Nash on the radio.

Anyhow here are some links to get your day started. If you have more send them my way and we'll get them added up.

Maloney makes good moves to turn around Coyotes
If the NHL handed out an executive of-the-year award, Don Maloney would be the man this season.

Phoenix Coyotes- using After Effects for NHL headshots (Video)
Ever wondered how the movie bits in the player intros and commercials are worked on? Then this article about the use of Adobe After Effects should be interesting to you. Nerd.

COYOTES CARNIVAL - Phoenix Coyotes - Community
Get your tickets for the March 7th event! All proceeds to Coyotes Charities.

More links as I find them. ADD 'EM IN THE COMMENTS IF YA GOT 'EM!