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Coyotes Tracks - November 25, 2010 - Giving Thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving to all commenters and lurkers here at Five For Howling!

If you need a hockey fix tonight, the NHL Network will be showing the lone NHL game on the schedule between the Avs and the Oilers.  The game starts at 7p.m. MST.


Coyotes News

Coyotes Assign Ekman-Larsson to AHL - Phoenix Coyotes - News
I don't think OEL was in town for even 24 hours.

Phoenix Coyotes Week(s) In Review: Come On ... We're Going Streaking!!!! - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
FFH's own Jordan Ellel reviews the Coyotes current winning streak.

Coyote Christmas Card Chaos | The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
Yotesgurl outdid herself with this post. Who has the best card?

Phoenix Coyotes being guided by Shane Doan's conscience
Dan Bickley with a wonderful column on the Coyotes captain.

Phoenix Coyotes forward Wojtek Wolski's production up
Sarah McLellan on Wolski's recent play.

Do you give Phoenix the benefit of the doubt as NHL market? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
This article was discussed yesterday in the comments section of the tracks.

Coyotes Fans Can Celebrate 'Black Friday' at the Coyotes Den - Phoenix Coyotes - News
20% off on most the merchandise in the Coyotes Den on Friday.

More links after the jump...

Wranglers News

I couldn't find a game recap of the game at the time the Tracks were being out to bed.  However,  I can tell you the Wranglers beat the Stockon Thunder by a score of 1-0 despite being outshot 42 to 13.  Click here for the complete game stats.


Sundogs News

Dog Caller - November 24, 2010 - Goalie on a hot streak, 3 straight wins, & the end of the road trip; for this we are thankful - Five For Howling
Valerie reviews the past week for the Sundogs.

Americans End Sundogs' Win Streak with Four Unanswered: Official Site of the Arizona Sundogs
The Sundogs lost at home last night.  They face the Americans again on Friday night.


News From Around the Hockey World

Bourne Blog: Top 5 hockey coach's pet peeves no laughing matter - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Justin Bourne with another one of his 'inside the ropes' style blog posts.

The League of Extraordinary Statisticians: The Franchise - Behind The Net
Who would be your first pick as a franchise player?

Videos: Sidney Crosby, Maxime Talbot and goons tease HBO’s 24/7 | ProHockeyTalk
I hope HBO keeps these coming for the next couple of weeks. Great publicity for the league and the sport in general.


The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: Gary Bettman's flowchart for dealing with NHL scandals - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
As I stated on Twitter yesterday, this is another DGB masterpiece.


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