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Introducing Carl Putnam: New Links Writer

As you may have noticed by now, there's a new face around here doing the Coyote tracks for us each morning. Carl Putnam will be taking care of them from here on out so if you have links to your blog that you want linked up or if you just have a random thing we might have missed around the massive internet shoot him an email or find him on twitter as @CP2Devil. You should follow him even if you're not shooting links his way.

Carl was originally a Caps fan (Boooo!) but now that he's in the desert is a big supporter of the Coyotes. Here's what he has to say for himself:

I've been a hockey fan since I attended my first Washington Capitals game back when I was young kid. I was transfixed with the combination of skill, power, and grace involved. Hockey quickly became my favorite sport. After moving to the Valley to attend college, I went to Roadrunners and NHL Desert Series games before the Coyotes arrived. If hockey hadn't already provided me with enough fun and excitement, the sport, and specifically the Coyotes, also provided me with the opportunity to meet the woman who became my wife.

Good stuff from a great hockey fan. You might be asking how'd he get the gig? Well he did two things 1) He asked and 2) He was writing FanPosts and Fanshots on this and other sites. If you want to write for either this site in some capacity or for other SBNation sites we're always looking for talent, but we have to know you're out there. So get writing FanPosts about whatever you want and getting involved. Maybe then you can be cool like Carl.