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Bruins "Interested" In Keith Yandle; Along with Half of the League

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I got to the computer this afternoon to find twitter exploding with news that Keith Yandle could possibly be traded to the Boston Bruins. It took me a minute to process that. Why would the Coyotes be looking to trade a future all-star defenseman who's going to be an RFA at year's end? And of all places to Boston? Well it seems that it's more that Boston is simply interested in him. The Coyotes are not looking to deal him for any reason, the Bruins just want something to look at. They're going to be hit hard by the Salary cap as soon as Marc Savard is able to come back, though that shouldn't be any time soon. 

Let's say this was actually serious though. Reports have the Bs interested in Yandle and one of Mikkael Boedker or Viktor Tikhonov for? Reportedly Michael Ryder and Blake Wheeler along with Toronto's 1st round pick this year. Sure, That 1st rounder looks nice, but the Leafs are somewhat better so far this year than last so It's not going to be #2 overall. Blake Wheeler? He already ditched us once and fans here hate him. Basically that deal would give the Bruins a bunch of cap relief and give us not a whole lot that we need. The Coyotes have guys that can get 18-20 goals a year already. We don't need two more. 

If any deal like this was going to get done we'd have to get back a top level scorer that's what the Coyotes need right now, not some more chip in a goal now and then guys. Here are a few more reasons not to consider this as a valid option:

  1. Yandle is going to be an RFA and is going to command a bigger salary to be sure, but Don Maloney is great with this stuff, see Martin Hanzal's deal
  2. Ed Jovanovski's contract worth 6 million dollars is over at year's end. That's more money that can go somewhere else because there's no way he gets that same money here again. 
  3. As an RFA if someone offer sheets him we can either match, or get a boatload of picks in return. Let's say he signs for 3.5 million. Well first I think we'd sign him for that and second if we didn't match that's a 1st and 3rd round pick from whoever signs him. 
  4. We're not really all that overloaded on defense. Sure Brandon Gormley looks good in juniors, but do we really want two rookie defensemen along with David Schlemko and Sami Lepisto as our bottom 3 d-men? Not really. 
  5. Nothing Boston can give us outside of Horton or Seguin makes this a good deal for us, it only makes sense from the Boston side. 
As Bob McKenzie said on Twitter, the Coyotes aren't shopping Yandle. That doesn't mean that teams can't send scouts out when he's in a nearby town though I suppose.