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FFH 101: Intro to Howling

"You read that funny post? You should have left a comment on it!"
"You read that funny post? You should have left a comment on it!"

Hi everybody! Welcome to the site today. I thought since the site was experiencing an odd boom in traffic that now might be a good time to start a series of posts dedicated to how we do things around here and how things work.

I thought I'd get started by explaining what the heck we're doing here and what you should be doing here. I'm here writing stuff. Jordan writes some other stuff sometimes. Carl takes care of the links in the morning and we've even got some beat reporters on a couple affiliates with Jessica and Valerie. We write these things partially for fun, but also so that people can read them. I sometimes know people read them by looking at traffic numbers and seeing where people are going on the site, but you know what the best way to let us know you're reading is? Commenting.

Commenting is what this site is really all about. Sure, seeing my words on a cool page is fun sometimes, but without comments it's just yelling into the void. This isn't the Travis' opinion page, it's supposed to be a community of Coyotes fans hanging out and talking. While i've set these tutorial things up as a "classroom" theme, it's really more like, to steal an analogy from Pension Plan Puppets, a sports bar. Sure, there are rules and saying on topic is nice, but in general we just want people to hang out and have a conversation with eachother. If I put up a post about, for example, Shane Doan's recent suspension, you should use that space to talk about said suspension. Staying on topic is nice. But there is one big exception. The daily Coyotes Tracks posts. In these posts you can talk about pretty much everything you want. Want to talk about traffic, the weather, world peace or more important topics like your Justin Beiber hate? That's fine (for now). We're wanting Coyote fans to just connect with other Coyote fans. Talk hockey, talk... just TALK! This isn't some library, have fun with it.

If you have question about something we haven't addressed on the site put that in the tracks' comments and someone will help you out. Please, if you're reading but haven't started commenting come out of the lurking shadows and join us! We don't bite much.

Class dismissed.