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Coyotes Tracks - October 20, 2010 - Hump Day Edition

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Get healthy soon Marty!





"The truth is, I probably care more about winning than I do about money."  Those are words every sports fan wants their owner to say.  The quote comes from the man who may own the Coyotes in less than 2 months.  While the news of the last week has been a bit grim with the losses, injuries, and the captain's suspension, the future is looking brighter by the day.


Coyotes News

Phoenix Coyotes' Martin Hanzal out 1-2 weeks with lower-body injury
Not the news the Coyotes needed right now with Doan's suspension and other injury concerns.

Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan shocked by suspension
Shane Doan seems a bit unclear about what he did wrong.  Not a good sign if you are using suspensions to deter future behavior.

Ebbett Embraces Return to NHL - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
A guy who gets called back up to the NHL is excited. Color me surprised.

Four top picks lead Team QMJHL for SuperSeries - Chicago Blackhawks - News
Coyotes prospect Brandon Gormley should see some excellent international competition next month.

Roster Merry-Go-Round Minus the Merry " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
Roster changes Yotesgurl style.

Paint Me A Picture, Make It Real Pretty " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
Yotesgurl gets carried away with MS paint.

The Hockey News: Paul Bissonnette's Blog: Paul Bissonnette's Blog: European experience and the game's five toughest fighters
BizNasty talks about his season so far and explores the best hockey pugilists.


Must See TV

Dogs In Prague premieres Thursday, Oct. 21
FOX Sports Arizona's special on the Coyotes trip to Europe airs for the first time on Thursday at 6 p.m.

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Shane Doan reacts to his suspension:


Ownership News

Glendale, Phoenix Coyotes buyer reach oral agreement
The early December time frame for final approval was reported in several places yesterday.

Here's hoping Matthew Hulsizer is the guy for the Phoenix Coyotes
Paola Boivin approves of the new potential owner.


News From Around the Hockey World

Video: Canucks' Rick Rypien attacks Minnesota fan for taunting - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Forget the wheel of justice, it's time to lay the hammer down.

Not just the NFL: Summit to look into hockey concussions -
Story about the Mayo Clinic's two day summit on hockey and concussions.

USA Hockey Hall of Fame induction set for Thursday
Former Coyotes Jeremy Roenick will be inducted into the hall tomorrow.

ISS Top 30, Risers and Fallers, October 2010 - Hockey's Future
It is never too early to start preparing for the draft.

McColgan wants to be next Cali kid to hit NHL - 2011 NHL Entry Draft
Related to the link above. Another example of a up and coming hockey player who didn't grow up in a "traditional market".

Players in New Uniforms: How Are They Doing? | Blog Archive | Houses of the Hockey | Blogs |
This isn't what I'd call an exhaustive list and its early, but what the heck its worth a look.

Sales hit 105,585 for 'Big Chill at the Big House' | | Detroit Free Press
The outdoor hockey attendance record is about to get obliterated.


The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: A transcript of every hockey game ever broadcast - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
This is hilarious because it is true. 

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