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NHL Suspends Shane Doan 3 Games for Hit on Dan Sexton

Once again proving that the NHL discipline system in a complete joke, Colin Campbell and whoever else is in charge have suspended Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan for 3 games following this hit on the Anaheim Ducks Dan Sexton last night. 

Others around the league and apparently in the league office are using this a a textbook case of a blindside hit. Was the hit itself that bad? No. Was it late? A bit. Did Sexton get hit in the face with his own stick on the hit that caused most of the damage? Yes. But Doan is responsible for the initial contact that caused it. I just don't understand how a hit that didn't get an in game call of any kind whatsoever gets a 3 game suspension. This is pure message sending from the league office on these types of hits. Good for them. Could I see a game suspension? sure, but 3 just seems out of line. Hope that everyone is healthy come Thursday because we're going to need them.