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Coyotes Fans Have Reason for Optimism Again in Sale Situation

Everything's Coming up Milhouse for Coyotes fans today. Home opener tomorrow and good, though tentative news on the sale front. Here's what we've got puck pans:

NHL Deputy commissioner Bill Daly appeared on NHLLive to talk about a wide variety of topics, including the Phoenix Coyotes. Daly was asked if he was feeling discouraged about the Coyotes situation and he actually said that they were feeling pretty good about the situation with Hulsizer's group. He also said that either today or this weekend the City of Glendale will announce that they've come to an agreement with the Hulsizer group. In regards to his dealing with the NHL Daly said the two parties had "an agreement in principle." He also stated that he thinks the deal should be done before the end of the year.

Shortly thereafter John Shannon who's been following the story for Sportsnet tweeted that the NHL and Hulsizer had come to terms on a dollar amount to be paid for the team.

While everyone is waiting for the ink to actually be on the page before final parade celebrations and fan parties begin there does seem to be reason for Coyotes fans to be happy today after Dave Shoalts' weak story from yesterday. Trying to get those last page hits out of this Dave?

[Note by Travis Hair, 10/15/10 2:21 PM MDT ]

From the City of Glendale:

"The City of Glendale and the Hulsizer Group have reached an agreement in principle on the lease that would allow the Hulsizer Group to purchase the Coyotes from the NHL under the terms they requested, the provisions of the deal are subject to formal approval by the NHL board of governors."