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Does Anyone Know Anything?: More Coyotes Sale Nonsense

Well everyone's favorite Canadian "sports writer" is at it again. Dave Shoalts posted yet another story about the Coyotes sale last night and you can guess what it said. No really, guess. I'll give you a few seconds to try and think of what he could have possibly written about regarding the Coyotes.


Ready? If you said that he wrote about how the deal to buy the team was falling through you'd be correct. Of course he did so in his usual moronic way, though I'll give him some credit, instead of just using one unnamed source he had TWO unnamed sources that confirmed whatever the hell it was he was trying to confirm. If you're ready to wade through the sewage that is Dave Shoalts' reporting, join me after the jump. 

So as you may or may not have seen Shoaltsy wrote an article, that's easily found on the Globe and Mail website, but I won't be linking to, that included, among other things, unattributed quotes of... someone, I don't know because they're unattributed, saying:

Matthew Hulsizer's bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL has stalled because the Chicago businessman wants a big discount on the $165-million (all currency U.S.) the league wants for the team, two sources say. This, the sources add, is despite the fact Hulsizer, 40, has an agreement in principle with the city of Glendale, Ariz., on a multiyear arena lease that could pay him $100-million toward the Coyotes' annual losses through parking charges, taxes and property levies from a community-facilities district created around arena.

And also this:

A third source, an NHL governor, said Hulsizer was told at least a month ago that Bettman will never agree to sell the franchise for less than what the entire Coyotes' debacle has cost the league.

So? What's the big deal? It looks like things have broken down *sigh* Except that not an hour later Darren Dreger of TSN reported that Hulsizer was closing in on a deal to buy the team that could close by the end of November! Still unattributed sources, but that goes to show that NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S HAPPENING!

The difference between Shoalts being a total dick and Dreger not be could be just that fact that one is reporting what I want to hear and the other isn't. Or it could be that Dreger's report was all of 9 lines of text stating what he had found vs. Shoalts' "report" that had 12 paragraphs of re-hashed BS from his earlier hit pieces and an Opening line of "Good news for hockey fans in Winnipeg."

Daryl Jones also chimed in via twitter on Dave Shoalts' writing that "I'll avoid the fat jokes this time, but Shoaltsy should definitely check his sources on his most recent PHX article." a) funny and b) fat chance. Get it? Fat chance? See what I did there? Whatever. We all know David Shoalts doesn't check facts. Remember when Ice Edge was buying Manchester United? I sure do. I like going back to read that to remind myself just how absolutely terrible David Shoalts is at his job

The bottom line is this you can read Shoalts diatribe and once again FREAK THE F OUT! Or remember that he's a gutless (the spiritual kind, not the physical kind that gut he's got) reporter that stinks at actual reporting and just go on with our lives. I'm choosing the latter now that I've gotten that out of my system. Feel free to purge yourself of the Shoalts hate in the comments. That's what they're there for.