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Phoenix Coyotes vs. Boston Bruins - Game 2 Preview

Yeah, I should have wrapped up yesterday's game. Stuff happens. In any event the Phoenix Coyotes will again take on the Boston Bruins once again today to wrap up the NHL Premiere series both between these two teams and in general. The other teams playing in Stockholm and Helsinki are already on the way back and I'm sure these two teams feel the same. 

This should be a good game after what we saw yesterday. The Coyotes dominated for the first two periods until the Bruins remembered that it was the regular season and these games count now. Okay, maybe it wasn't the whole team, but Nathan Horton at least woke up and made a bit of a game of it. I'd expect that the Bruins would be mighty unhappy with their performance overall and will be eager to show themselves and their fans that they're ready to play. 

The Coyotes on the other hand had everything rocking from the drop of the puck. Radim Vrbata's goal was the highlight of the night on NHL Network as he hit the puck out of midair after it bounced off of the end glass. In the initial replays it was difficult to see where the puck came from, but man what a play. Every line had something going though. The power play with Keith Yandle and Ray Whitney looks like it could really make an impact on the Coyotes power play throughout the year. At least in so much as we can draw those conclusions from one game. They looked great out there though. The Coyotes will need to keep the momentum going to get over what will have to be a hungry Bruins team.

Five for Winning

Revolving Door to the Press Box?: With Petr Prucha playing so well and Kyle Turris itching to play the question is how will the rotation work for playing time. Is the weakest link each night going to get a game off? Will guys like Lauri Korpikoski be in and out of the game? THere's not a lot of point having Turris here again if he's just going to see consistent press box time.

Keep up the Lead: Sure this is a new game, but playing the same team on back to back days is rare to say the least. It's got to be like you're playing one big game with a break in the middle. I mean that in term of all those hits are still fresh in your mind. Anything the other team got on you about you're remembering. Those habits you were falling into as the game ended can be repeated as well. Don't let that happen. Jump on the game all over again and this time don't get complacent with a lead.

Focus on Just the Game: The Coyotes have been in Europe for almost a week now. They'll be leaving to come home right after the game. I'm sure personal things get in the way all the time, but with the time shift, lack of sleep, etc. there's got to be a danger of looking past the game in some respects not at the next opponent, but just getting some actual rest.

Repeat the Power Play Success: Sure the Coyotes only got 1 PP goal on their 2 chances, but hey that's 50%! And even the one they didn't score on didn't look terrible. They need to make that more than a one time occurance and build up the team confidence with the man advantage.

Bryz Twice in a Row?: There wasn't any indication that Jason LaBarbera would be in today and Ilya Bryzgalov saw 42 shots yesterday. Can he be that solid two days in a row? He showed that he could last season so hopefully it's early enough in the year that it won't effect him. The 6 days off before his next start should help with that.

Key Players

Martin Hanzal

#11 / Center / Phoenix Coyotes



Feb 20, 1987

Radim Vrbata was the star yesterday, you don't think Marty wants to equal what his buddy did in front of the home crowd? At the very least he's going to be knocking some heads.

Nathan Horton

#18 / Right Wing / Boston Bruins



May 29, 1985

Horton was the only Bruin other than Tuukka Rask that felt like showing up for any significant amount of time yesterday. It'll be important to make sure he doesn't continue that especially early in the game.


Phoenix Coyotes Injuries

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Derek Morris groin 10/09/2010

Boston Bruins Injuries

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Marco Sturm knee 09/14/2010
Marc Savard concussion 09/19/2010
Trent Whitfield achilles-tendon 09/14/2010