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Updated: Dish Network Drops Fox Sports Networks, Creates Panic

Dish Network has dropped all Fox Sports Networks according to FSN representatives as well as, I suppose, your Dish channel guide.

In a repeat of Directv's Versus fiasco from last year the two parties are locked in a dispute over tiers and payment that neither side seems willing to bend on. According to a press release from Brett Hanson, FSN Arizona's Director of Public Relations and Marketing:

"Fox has been trying for months to reach a fair agreement, but Dish refuses to play ball," said Brett Hansen, FOX Sports Arizona spokesman. "Our programming is among the most valuable Dish offers, and we're simply looking for a fair deal."

No matter the deal their looking for it's once again the customers that are caught in the middle. Locked into some terrible contract with Dish if this drags on plenty of sports fans and not just Coyotes fans will be left in the dark unless they pay some exorbitant cancellation fee.

UPDATE: DISH is now dropping FX, National Geographic and is considering dropping some local affiliates up for renewal including Fox 10 in Phoenix. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to effect Fox News :P