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Help Wanted - Five for Howling is Hiring!

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Do you love the Coyotes? You know you do! Do you know how to read and write? Do you like to do work that gets you little to no recognition or remuneration? I bet you do! If so do we at Five for Howling have some opportunities for you!

What is Five for Howling?: It's this website you're reading... RIGHT NOW! Syndicated on Yahoo!, SI, USA Today (at which Derek Zona of SBN's Copper and Blue works, or so it seems ;) ) and google readers everywhere

What position are we (I) looking to fill?: Well ideally someone that enjoys writing, at least briefly, about the Coyotes and hockey in general to do the daily link post. This would involve using your google reader to collect stories about the Coyotes, put them into a story and post said story. We'd also include other good stories from around the web into the links post.

What skills are you looking for?: Nun-chuck skills. Also the ability to use a computer and spell at least most words correctly. Or use spell check. Also someone willing to be a member of the community.

Pay?: ....No...

Really?: Really.

Benefits: You can responsibly/irresponsibly wield the power of deleting comments.

If more than one person is interested time can be split between 2 or more or I can make up other fun jobs :D

Email me at with some contact info and any other questions you might have.