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Coyote Tracks - Morning Links for Saturday Jan. 23rd

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*Yawn* Good morning Coyotes fans, and the errant Caps fan too. We've got the Capitals tonight at 5pm Arizona time at Verizon Center which, it seems, is currently hosting a basketball game. That's one busy arena. Hopefully the ice isn't total crap tonight, though the Coyotes have played on junk ice more than a few times.

Anyhow, here are your links for the day:

I forgot that ESPN even covered the NHL, much less that they would write an article about the Coyotes. Wait... they wrote three? What the Hell?

  1. NHL -- A day in the life of Phoenix Coyotes coach Dave Tippett - ESPN
    After replacing Wayne Gretzky before the start of the season, Dave Tippett is close to bringing Phoenix to the playoffs. How's he doing it? ESPN spent a day with the coach to find out.

  2. NHL -- There's an air of optimism in Phoenix, but is it all just a mirage? - ESPN
    There has been an air of hope for the Phoenix Coyotes franchise, but is their long-term future in Glendale just another mirage? Nope.

  3. NHL -- Ice Edge group confident Phoenix Coyotes sale will be done before playoffs - ESPN
    The Ice Edge group says it's confident its bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes will go through before the playoffs. And while NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says talks are progressing, he would not put a timetable on them. Ice Edge even said it could be "weeks."

Shane Doan and some other Coyotes saw the Tooth Fairy, which looks terrible, but he actually says it's alright. I trust the Captain with a lot, but maybe not my movie choices.

Looks like Mike Green and every other injured Capitals player is due back tonight. I expect his not so cameo on the Jersey Shore any day now.

Got any links of your own? Put em in the Comments and we'll get them up ASAP.