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Detroit Red Wings at Phoenix Coyotes - Game #43 Preview

Our hated "rival" visits us tonight for the last time this season (one more meeting in Detroit later this year). The Red Wings are playing fairly well at the moment even with the litany of injuries they've suffered. With half a dozen players out of the lineup they've really had to work hard to fill the holes. Especially when the players out are guys like Johan Franzen and Niklas Kronwall who have been continually solid. That doesn't mean we should sell them short by any stretch of the imagination. They may be down from where they usually are at this point in the season, but the Wings always find a way to bounce back. The Wings last played on Thursday against the Avalanche, winning that game 4-2. It was the first time that the Wings had scored more than 3 goals in a game since November 30th. So this one should be a barmburner... not so much.

Five for Winning

No Friggin Camping
I always say this and lately the Coyotes have listened so, Get that damned Tomas Holmstrom Away from the net! I hate that guy and his putting of his rear into goalie's faces. shove that guy out of there please. Thank you. That is all.

Watch the Dumb Penalties
For the majority of the season the Yotes have done a fine job of behaiving themselves and keeping penalties to a minimum. But the last stretch there have been a flurry of just bad stick penalties at all the wrong times. We've escaped several situations, but it cost us the Sharks game on Thursday and we just have to have better discipline especially at critical points of the game.

Maybe We Can Get a Big Crowd?
And hopefully a more Pro Yotes one than we've had in the past. The Red Wings are usually a big draw, but with them having more or less a down year maybe some of the Wingnuts stay home or are just a bit more quiet than usual with our guys 8 points ahead of them in the standings.

Just Connect Once
The Coyotes have had a great passing game this year, especially in the zone. Lately though, the last pass seems to just not quite connect. The puck finds way under sticks, guys whiff on the shot or the puck is rolling just enough to make the shot go sideways. We just need to find a way to connect on one or two more of those chances a game.

The Hate is Strong
I hate the Red Wings. Don't you hate the Red Wings? Sure, that may not factor much into how the guys play, but we're playing great, we have a team we hate in our building, this should be a good game for the Coyotes fans not only to turn out in numbers, but in ferocity. That doesn't mean we need to have fisticuffs in the stands, but maybe some good razzing. And hey it's ugly sweater night which is great for all those sporting the winged wheel. Unfortunately it's not a very original idea of something to wear for for the traditional ugly sweater contest.

Key Players

Adrian Aucoin

#33 / Defenseman / Phoenix Coyotes



Jul 03, 1973

He had the game winner last time the teams met here on a blast from just inside the line. He's been really close to, and scored a couple goals that way. We just need to get him an open spot or two to release that cannon.

Jimmy Howard

#35 / Goalie / Detroit Red Wings



Mar 26, 1984

He's the man to beat. Well him and the defense of the Red Wings. But they really didn't have a picture of that, So Howard by default.



The Infirmary

Phoenix Coyotes Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Vernon Fiddler other-excused 01/02/2010
James Vandermeer other-excused 01/02/2010

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Daniel Winnik arm 12/27/2009
Kurt Sauer head 10/07/2009

Detroit Red Wings Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Patrick Eaves other-excused 01/02/2010

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Johan Franzen knee 10/09/2009
Jason Williams fibula 11/08/2009
Andreas Lilja concussion 09/14/2009
Dan Cleary shoulder 12/10/2009
Niklas Kronwall knee 11/22/2009