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The Quick Shark-Yotes Recap - Better Late Than New Year's

Holidays = Over. Thank goodness. Also sadly over is the Coyotes home winning streak at 10 games. However now we can all start calling it the Coyotes 11 game home unbeaten in regulation streak. In what are looking to be future playoff opponents with how these games are going, the Sharks once again took us to an overtime shootout. This time however we came out on the short end of it after a six round shootout. Stupid Ryane Clowe was the only one on either side to put one past a goaltender once we got that far. It was really too bad as the Coyotes had played a really good game overall but gave up one lousey late Power Play goal that knotted everything up. Oh well. More Pacific Division points with the extra overtime point thrown in.

Here are the Video highlights so we can get on to more pressing matters.