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The Coyotes Busy Day... Balsillie Out, TV Contracts and more!

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So it's been a super busy day in Coyotes land. Let's break down what's happened as fast as I can and there will be more in depth as the night goes on.

First and foremost, WE WIN! (Mostly) More importantly JIM BALSILLIE LOSES! The judge finally ruled today and said that "In the final analysis, the court cannot find or conclude that the interests of the NHL can be adequately protected if the Coyotes are moved to Hamilton without first having a final decision regarding the claimed rights of the NHL and the claims of the debtors and [Balsillie]," He then rejected Balsillie's bid with prejudice, which means he's done. Hopefully this is the last we hear of his name in the Phoenix area. Though what team will be next in his sights is anyone's guess. To think he's through though... but maybe he finally got the point. I doubt it though.

In other news, Fox Sports Arizona has announced a new TV deal with the team. FSN will carry 50 games, all in HD with another 13 on tape delay playing after the games. Radio colorman Tyson Nash moves to the TV side to join Dave Strader.

The Coyotes also added Paul Bissonnette, Signed Matt Watkins and Sent Ryan Hollweg to San Antonio. I'll get more into all of these, but there's the basics folks!