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Dave Tippett Named Head Coach of Phoenix Coyotes - Coyotes Instantly Tied for 1st in Pacific

Can I just say that I am EXTREMELY!!!1 excited about this hire. I've wanted Wayne Gretzky to step down for a little while, mostly since the middle of last year. Whenever someone asked who I would have replace him I said Dave Tippett. He got fired out of his job with the Dallas Stars after coaching what was basically an AHL team last year with all the injuries they suffered. For the first time in 7 seasons they didn't make the playoffs and someone took the balme. With a new incoming GM, that man was Dave Tippett.

Why do I love this hiring? Mostly because he knows our team already. Does he know all the ins and the outs of our roster? Not necessarily, but he played us enough over the last few years to be familiar with what was already here. Also I love how this happened. He was still getting paid by Dallas since they ended his contract early. What does he do when given the opportunity? Comes back to coaching for an organization under siege and signs a 4 year contract to do it. Mostly I love that he has a real plan. It's the same plan as before most likely, forecheck and control the puck, but it's a real plan!

I think almost every analysis of this signing for the team has said that this brings the team, at least on the ice, some instant credibility. I have to agree when it became official I literally had goosebumps. I was so much more excited about beginning our season and especially for the home opener on October 10th.

A look at Tippett's record over the years:

Team Year Regular season Post season
G W L T OTL Pts Finish Result
DAL 2002–03 82 46 17 15 4 111 1st in Pacific Lost in conference semifinals
DAL 2003–04 82 41 26 13 2 97 2nd in Pacific Lost in round 1
DAL 2005–06 82 53 23 - 6 112 1st in Pacific Lost in round 1
DAL 2006–07 82 50 25 - 7 107 3rd in Pacific Lost in round 1
DAL 2007–08 82 45 30 - 7 97 3rd in Pacific Lost in conference finals
DAL 2008–09 82 36 35 - 11 83 3rd in Pacific Missed playoffs
Total 492 271 156 28 37