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Coyotes Courtroom Drinking Game! (Do not use at court)

I don't even drink and this whole mess has me seriously considering crawling into a bottle (not really, no intervention needed). What about those people that DO drink though? Shouldn't we think of them? They've got to be going nuts in that courtroom. Well here's a Handy guide to what to do and when in the Five for Howling - Courtroom Drinking Game!

  • Everytime Susan Freeman sounds like she's going to cry - take a drink.
  • Anytime the judge mentions how much paper the lawyers have filed - take a drink.
  • When the Judge says not to repeat points the lawyers have submitted in writing just to have the lawyer talk about the exact point anyways - Take 2 Drinks.
  • If the PSE attorneys try to get the Judge to let Jim Balsillie testify - Take 2 drinks.
  • Whenever the courtroom rolls their eyes at an attorney's arguement - take a drink.
  • If the Judge tells a PSE attorney they talk too much - Take 2 drinks
  • Any time someone mentions how great Canada or Hamilton is - One Shot Canadian Whiskey.
  • Anytime an actual reporter tweets something complaining about proceedings - take a drink.
  • Anytime the bid gets raised - Take two drinks.
  • If a reporter mentions standing next to, or running into Bettman or Balsillie in the restroom - Take a drink
  • If it's the second time the reporter has mentioned it ... -  take 2 drinks
  • The person who notices Rodier talking to Freeman gets to make anyone else drink.
  • If the Judge asks a hypothetical question - Take a drink
  • Any time someone brings up Balsillie's "Character" - Take a drink


Got more suggestions? That's what the comments are for! Add in your rules...