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New Offer Expected In Sale of Phoenix Coyotes

According to filings made by the NHL on Wednesday, and now several newspaper reports, the NHL is expecting another bid on the Coyotes to be made. The offer would keep the team here in Phoenix. The offer itself has not been filed as of yet, so there's no telling who the offer is from yet. It could be from the group headed by John Breslow who is already a small investor in the team, the team of David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski the Toronto Argonauts owners or that "Unnamed Party" that kept popping up. What is clear is that who ever it is has already missed the June 26th deadline that had been set for bidders to submit transfer applications. However, in court the judge said that while those deadlines would be used for the NHL, if anyone else showed up with offers they would be looked at as well. Therefore just because it's late doesn't make the offer invalid in the eyes of the court.

The globe and mail also wrote that the NHL stated in the filing that "The League has been informed that this bidder will submit an application for transfer of ownership, but does not know whether the prospective purchaser will submit a definitive bid by July 24." That could mean anything, but what's at least clear is that there's another player wanting to keep the team in the Valley and that's a good thing.

The only thing I'm hoping for is that Breslow isn't the one making the offer. No offense to the guy, but I don't want anyone involved with the current ownership group involved with the new one. Let's get a whole new crew in there that can turn things around.