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Found NHL Foodstuffs: Maple Leafs Edition

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In my continuing spiral into no hockey madness, I'm starting a new continuing feature here on Five for Howling combining my two favorite things, hockey and snacks. Because, well, why not? I was inspired to start this by the found cookies below, but i'll be finding something unusual for each NHL team over the next few months. I'll try and keep them less than obvious. (eg. no blue and white gummy sharks for the sharks, lame...) we'll see how long I can keep this up. If you have suggestions, feel free to send me an email, Tweet or carrier pigeon with your ideas. If I can, I'll even try them out and let you know if they actually capture the essence of the team they represent, or some such nonsense...

Yesterday I was sent on an errand to Target to pick up some various widgets and sundries. While parusing the cookie aisle for some treats I stumbled upon a bag of these:


Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a Coyotes fan first, but with nothing happening in the hockey world, I'm looking for hockey anywhere I can find it. Even hidden in tasty foodstuffs. So I had to buy these to try them out. The cookies even look like little maple leafs. I'm sure that these are old hat to people that actually live in Canada, but these were cool to find in my local Target.

I got the cookies home (along with some decoy cookies so others wouldn't eat them) and just kind of stared at them. Sure they reminded me of Maple Leafs, but what did that mean? How could I share that with the world? Oh right! I have a blog! I could blog about my cookies and the relation to hockey... hmm... not a bad idea... But what about the other teams? What about my OWN team? How could I forget about them? Well I can't, that's why I'll have to find other foodstuffs to represent them. But first let's get to the snack in front of us.

Dare Maple Leaf creme cookies are made by Dare Foods of Kitchner, Ontario, Canada. By the way, Coyotes player Mikkel Boedker played for the Kitchner Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League. So there's that. They're a little bigger than Oreos and taste like, well, maple. The cookie portion is a lot like any other shortbread cookie. The filling is what tastes like maple. It's not overly sweet, but a little dry. You need milk to drink with them. The wife did not like them very much. So there's a cookie I can get and have all to myself (score!).


Here's a picture comaring the cookie to the old leafs logo. Coincidence? Perhaps...

So there's part 1 of 30 of my NHL foodstuffs series. Don't forget to send in your suggestions of what I should be on the look out for. Try and make it stuff I can actually find on locally or on the internets. Hope you enjoyed my randomness. I'm off to figure out what goes with with the Coyotes...