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Coyotes Re-Sign Scottie Upshall and Josh Tordjman

The Coyotes today announced that they have resigned both Scottie Upshall and Josh Tordjman to one year deals. While the Team didn't realease the numbers on what each signed for, has Upshall signed for 1.5 million, and after the season he'd still be a restricted free agent. Tordjman was signed for just over half a million, if he plays in the NHL. Chances are he won't be seeing much time in Phoenix. He'll also be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Both deals are solid for all sides in my opinion. In Upshall's case, he wanted more money after a career season. 1.5 is okay money for someone that's only just started to show what he can do. Having just the one year deal both allows him to show he can replicate last year's success and keeps him an RFA so the Coyotes aren't losing an asset at year's end.

Tordjman was honestly lucky to get much of anything. I was surprised that the team actually kept him on after some of his performances last year. With Montoya looking to be the starter in San Antonio at the moment, Tordjman is really going to have to make an impression simply to get starts down on the farm team.