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Your Free Agency Day 2 Open Thread - Heatley is a Diva

So Dany Heatley totally screwed his own team last night. After demanding a trade he found out that the Sens had worked out a deal with Edmonton. He turned his nose at that, killing the only team willing to wait for him. In the process he managed to cost the Senators 4 million in bonus money. There's a guy you want on your team for sure... Moral of the story? It doesn't pay to be a whiney little git in a sport that punishes diva behavior. Now he'll be stuck on a team he demanded out of and hated by the guys that actually want to play there. Way to be. I'm glad we're big on the character players like Shane Doan instead.

Anyhow, we're on to day 2 of the festivities and a lot of the big names got taken. Who am I kidding though, we're not getting the Gaboriks and Havlats or Hossas, we're looking in the value section again this year. No problem with that, but it makes for less excitement. Who could we still be looking at?

Derek Morris: He still lives here in the valley and while he had a lower than average production he's still a solid player. His price tag could be a little higher than GMDM is willing to pay though.

Travis Moen: Has a good first name. Is a younger guy with plenty of talent. Not sure what kind of pay he'd be looking for either. He may not be the offensive minded guy we're looking for right now though.

Taylor Pyatt: Another solid winger in the middle age range that we're looking for. 10-9-19 in 69 games last year. A change of scenery could be good for the guy too.

Chad LaRose: Decent Centerman but cold be looking fora bit to much money. Decent at faceoffs and was 19-12-31 las year so he can pitch in offensively.

Those are just a few of the names we could go after, but we'll likely see players even further down the money list. hopefully GMDM can come through with at least one bigger name over the days to come...