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Coyote Tracks - (Not) Workin' for Weekend Edition

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Starting Monday Five for Howling will be attempting to identify who our biggest rivals in the league are. We'll be going division by division starting in the Southeast. May as well get some of the ones without big rivals out of the way as a warm up eh? Anyhow, be sure to stop by all next week to vote and add your 2-cents.

 Links for today:

The Coyotes signed RFA Keith Yandle to a 2 year deal worth 2.4 million dollars. 1.1 million in the first year, 1.3 in the second. Glad we got him squared away. It's been rough having to have him forced to get his experience too early up in the NHL, but he's grown into his role over time. Hopefully he's the solid dman we need him to be.

The Flames picked up Nigel Dawes off of waivers. This one confuses me. If we weren't going to keep him, why not trade the rights to someone? That's what we did for Lisin. It's not like GMDM to just let players walk.

The Globe and Mail has more on the 2nd group of bidders that are now in the mix. Unfortunately they want to keep Gretzky around. Please not as coach guys... enough is enough.

Speaking of Gretzky, he's agreed to be deposed. Though he wasn't a lot of considerations for doing so and it'll be focused on the amount the team has paid him and how much he is owed.

Be sure to check out the NHL superschedule the Dirk from On the Forecheck made. It breaks down just how much teams have to travel and how many back to backs they have. We ended up 3rd in most miles traveled. Hopefully we have the road record of 07-08 though.

The Examiner has some basic information in Cliffs Note form for those that don't know much about Arena.

Finally, Timothy Gassen, filmmaker and creator of "Gretzky, Indy & The W.H.A.", writes this article about being a fan in Arizona right now. Needless to say, it ain't easy right now. (Login may be required)

Got any more links or stories you think should be included? Then be sure to put them in the comments.