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Coyote Tracks - Can This Legal Mess Be Over Now?

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Well another day, another day in court... I won't be live twitering from there today, but the usual supsects should be @TheYotesDiva and @kash2112 so be sure to follow them for updates. I'm just waiting and waiting for August 5th to get here and have the team in the hands of someone local.

Coyotes Links:

The Toronto Star has a cheat sheet of who's doing what in the court case now. It's actually fairly helpful.

The NHL still says Moyes sucks, and that he's just trying to drag this out and make everything as annoying as possible.

Mirtle says "Where this road leads, who knows? But the plot is certainly thickening..." about the "coalescing". How much thinker can it get than it already is guy?

Brian McGrattan signed with the Flames over the weekend. I'm sure we'll miss his 3 minutes of ice time a game when he can actually play.

The Republic has an update on Upshall and Yandle's negotiations. sounds like things are getting close to done.

Other Links:

Fear the Fin is having an NHL 09 Invitational. If you've got an XBox 360, a copy of NHL 09 and some spare time head over and sign up.

Mr. Plank also updates everyone on the Sharks' brutal cap situation. People are going to have to be moved without much salary going back... Can we have Milan Michalek?