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"Make It Seven" campaign song?

Sports Business Daily gave people a heads up about a brand new "campaign song" released by The GMOs in support of a seventh National Hockey League team in Canada.

It is not officially affiliated with the Make It Seven campaign, however it is a clear message in full support of it. While the exact timing of this song's unveiling seems the least bit coincidental, apparently this was another medium used to rally the Make It Seven hardcore fan base as the bankruptcy hearings take place. This comes as BlackBerry founder Jim Balsillie attempts to uproot the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario.

Some people that watch this video (courtesy of The GMOs) may react to this message as being very nationalistic, polarizing and bound to offend Phoenix hockey fans as well as American hockey fans as a whole. There's a point to saying it's great to see Canadians are proud of their pastime, but you swear you would think this was a political campaign and not something we'd see for professional sports.

For those that are against the way that Balsillie has went about accomplishing his goal, this has angered them. The lone exception would be his very loyalist supporters, including those that are very bitter with the current state of the league and where certain franchises are located. The Coyotes are one of the teams targeted.

There are American hockey fans completely in favor of more teams in Canada. Many would support the return of NHL teams to Winnipeg, Québec City and even Hamilton. It would be great for the game. But some fans have unfortunately been sucked into a United States vs. Canada debate in regards to the viability of hockey markets in the Sun Belt region. Will this campaign song effect the verdict to the Coyotes' future in Arizona? Very highly unlikely. Again, this is just another way to rally Balsillie's supporters.