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NHL's Daly to Hold Media Event at Alltel Ice Den


Hey Howling Fans,

We have been informed that NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly will be at the Alltel Ice Den in Scottsdale tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5:10pm to meet with the media. He is here to promote hockey in the Valley! We'd love to see as many fans as possible at the Ice Den at that time. If you are available, please come out & bring your friends!

Folks have been complaining about having no offical word, no words from the NHL, nothing from the team. Well this is as good as it gets, short of Gary Bettman calling a town hall at the arena or something. You got questions? You want to hear the deal from the horse's mouth? Come on out and be heard, be counted and do some listening for yourself.

This is our time to prove that there ARE hockey fans in the Valley. We need as many people out there in Coyotes gear as possible. Wear your jerseys, hats, t-shirts, and BRING SIGNS!!! Lots of signs! :) This is our chance to also show the NHL we appreciate all that they are doing to keep hockey in the Valley and to tell Jim Balsillie he needs to keep his hands off OUR TEAM!

Please ask everyone you can to be there and forward this info to your friends. It's our time to shine, Phoenix! Let's make the most of it! If any additional information becomes available, Heather will post updates at

I look forward to seeing you all there!

As always... Go Coyotes!