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Coyotes Tracks - Phoenix NHL Draft Day Links

Well we're now just a couple hours away from the draft and finding out who the Coyotes will take with the #6 pick. I say Jared Cowen, but it's possible that we could move down and grab some other DMan if he's not the one we want. Brayden Schenn is also a possibility unless the Leafs move up to the 5th to take him first. It's really anyone's guess at this point since there are rumors that Tavares won't be the #1 pick anyways. It's the Draft it's crazy! We're also waiting for the announcement on the Reinsdorf offer to come in. We probably won't hear anything until at least 5pm Arizona Time since the attorneys will be milking every possible billable hour out of this. It's possible we won't hear until tomorrow since I'm not even sure the deadline is 5 o'clock. So long at it's in before midnight I think we're still good. Here are some resources and stories to take a look at in preparation for the draft.

Hope to see all the Coyotes fans at Buffalo Wild Wings as well to watch the festivities. I'll be blogging and twittering away in a corner somewhere.

Coyotes Links

  • Reuters outlines the fact that the Reinsdorf offer is due to come in today. They didn't say when that would happen either.
  • The Phoenix Business Journal talks about how more than 3000 fans showed up at The Job last night in the biggest Open House the Coyotes have ever had. Crickets from barely good enough to be used for bird cage liner Arizona Republic. Seriously, they trash the team but can't report when something good happens?
  • Former Coyotes player Claude Lemieux became a citizen of the United States today in Phoenix. He said he just "wants vote in the country he has called home for 20 years."

Around the Nation

Too Much going on on all the blogs, but we've got some bloggers on the floor at Bell Centre in Montreal with press passes that you should be sure to follow on Twitter. @mlse @PensBurgh @DefendingbigD @diebytheblade @mirtle @BroadStHockey @2ndCityHockey @felixpotvin

For all of the rest of your League-Wide coverage needs be sure to check out the NHL Draft Hub that gets everything in one easy to find location.

Useful Draft Resources