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Coyotes Staying in Phoenix: I Hate to Say I Told You So

The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So (via ThisBalladSucks)

 Actually in this case I really don't hate to say I told you so. The vast majority of media sources and bloggers (Eh they aren't credible anyhow) were predicting doom and gloom for the endangered Coyotes. I can't think of that many people that have predicted what would happen...hmmm...  I can't even tell you how many times I stuck up for my belief that we would win at least this battle of the war just to have people tell me to keep dreaming. So is it elegant or maybe sporting of me to say I lod you so now? Maybe not. But I'm doing it anyways. Why? Because I feel as though I've earned it. I can't tell you how absolutely tiring it's been to constantly see that scorn for my city and it's fans. (Insert number of Coyote fan joke here) And how utterly disappointing it's been to see the attitudes of large numbers of fans that Either overlooked the fans here that do support the team, or worse, just didn't care and told us all to just give up the team "for the good of the game". Quite frankly I'm not one to mince words and those people can suck it.

Is this fight completely over yet? No. Balsillie is insisting that he'll continue to fight on and that he looks forward to negotiating with the NHL and it's review of his relocation application. Like that's going to happen. We still need to find a new owner that will keep the team here. 12 news in Phoenix is already reporting that the Breslow led group will be puting an offer in. So there is progress toward that end. But there is a LOT that Coyote fans will still have to endure in the coming weeks. More after The Jump...

The first thing that Coyotes Fans are going to have to deal with is the fact that while we may have won this battle the other side isn't going to give up so easily. By other side i'm not even talking about Balsillie, i'm talking about writers and internet folk that will fight tooth and nail that the desision that came down to day really doesn't mean anything. Just so that everyone is on the same page here, IT MEANS A LOT. While there's already a plethora of people that are stating that all that was rejected in Judge Baum's Decision was the schedule that's simply not the case. The most important part of the decision, and the one that Coyotes fans can throw at anyone that asks comes from pages 9-11 of the decision in which the Judge (and i'm summarizing) says that PSE can't simply assume all the benefits of the signed agreement between the team and the NHL, which outlines the franchise agreement, and throw out the language that the team would play all it's home games in Glendale along with other bits that didn't suit the Balsillie/Moyes side. If Balsillie wanted the team he would have to buy it and then go through the NHL process of relocation. That's simply not going to happen. With this ruling the team will be here as long as the NHL desires it to be. That brings us to the second thing Coyotes fans need to be ready for...

Fine, you're not moving... YET. We win the first battle just to have bitter Hamiltonians, or others that simply want the team to move, throw the "Bettman will just move you later" line at us. Super. Well my response to that would be. That's later, for now I still have NHL hockey at the arena 2 miles from my house. Someday it's possible this team could be moved. It's also possible that any number of other teams could be as well. Anything is possible but when we have a compitent owner that knows how to build a franchise this team will sell out Arena and it's going to be a non-issue. I know I know, that's a big IF. Sure, but look at how Chicago suffered with bad ownership. No one was watching those games until the young talent started producing and the ownership changed.

Overall we need to be ready for the five stages of grief that Balsillie supporters Will be going through...

1. Denial - "This isn't over!" "It's just a scheduling issue!" "We're still taking your team" "Hockey doesn't belong in the desert!"

2. Anger - "Your team still sucks!" "Bettman is ruining hockey!" "I'm never watching the NHL again!"

3. Bargaining - "We'll just poach your team later when it still fails" "We'll get an expansion team and beat the crap out of you guys" "We'll give you the Raptors and Blue Jays for the Coyotes"

4. Depression - "This is the end of the NHL" "I can't watch hockey anymore..."

5. Acceptance - Okay, probably not this one. Though there may be a stray passive-agressive "Enjoy your hockey team... while it lasts"

That's all I have for now. I'm exhausted but now it's time to get back to our regular programming and away from all this BS. I'll leave you with this quote from SNL "Suck it Trebek (Balsillie). Suck it long, and suck it hard..."