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Moyes, BallSilly et al. in Court NOW - Live updates

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The Parties are now in court and we're getting live updates on Twitter via TheYotes Diva who is sitting in the courtroom. Will Update With info as I get it....


12:46 - That fucker Shoalts from the Globe & Mail just showed up. He's even uglier in person.

12:57 - Looking through the Motions

1:41 - The judge barely makes it in the room & the lawyers already want a 10 minute recess.

1:53 - Judge won't hear motions that haven't been filed yet. Nobody filed a motion about whether Moyes was actually able to file bankruptcy.

2:01 - Judge doesn't want to decide before the draft, says we don't have enough time.

2:02 - Presenting the bankruptcy case now.

2:10 - Motion to hold all proceedings in Phoenix granted.

2:29 - Going through a lot of technicalties re the bankruptcy

2:42 - Shoalts is sitting 2 rows in front of me. I want to throw my crappy blackberry phone at his head :D

2:48 - All interim decisions will be made on May 27th

2:53 - City of Glendale is representin!

****Discoved Toronto Star Live blog thanks to Mirtle, they haven't updated since they took the recess.

3:09 - Ok everyone we are out, a full update on todays proceedings will be up on

3:16 - PS all the employees of the company are gonna get paid