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Bankruptcy Judge Gets First Chance to Squash This - Hopefully He/She is a Phoenix Homer.


The Phoenix Bankruptcy Court will see the first of the challenges to the Moyes filed bankruptcy today at 1PM.

 Well today is the first of many hurdles that the offer that Blackberry Guy's offer and the total of the bankruptcy of the Coyotes will have to jump throguh to complete a move to SOuthern Ontario. We could see any number of things. THe one thing we can all be sure of is that no one seems to really know what they're talking about when it comes to predicting these results. The court could simply say no to the entirety, they could refuse certain parts, they could do just about anything. THis will determine what both their next steps are, as well as what we as Coyotes fans need to get ready for. One thing is clear from all the news today. While some have started picking out names and paint colors for a "new" team, this thing is FAR from a sure thing and it's far from being over. Or at least 8 weeks from being over. Keep your fingers, toes and other availiable appendages crossed that this just gets tossed on spec and we can get back to Rheindorf buying the team. But barring that for good ish news at least.

Other things to look out for:

Later today, myself, TheDiva and Onyx from will be launching as a site to go to for our updates as well as to signup for email lists so that if rallies, protests, whatever is going down, we can get you the info as fast as possible.

I'll be rolling out new Coyotes themed stuff to buy including buttons, signs, more shirts etc. on both the Save the Coyotes end and the KEEP IT SIX! line.

If you can get down to the courthouse, it's on 1st ave just south of Van Buren ( 230 N 1st Ave.) Not sure what hearings are open to the public with Bankruptcy proceedings, but give it a go. They're supposed to be up at 1PM.

Keep up with us for more updates as we get them!