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Playoffs Round II - Day 4: There Was Already Blood!

I think at this point i'm firmly in the Capitals camp (sorry Frank) as there's really no one else I can get behind at all. I just feel dirty rooting for the DUcks. I tried last game against the WIngs and it just felt strange. I may want the Wings to eat it too, but even so I can't root for the DUcks. Being a fan w/o a team in this thing is hard...


Ducks @ Red Wings - 11AM - NBC (HD) - Red Wings Lead Series 1-0

The Ducks sent a message, whether they wanted to or not, that they were going to make this an extremely physical series. They had better come to this one ready to back that up. Brown got no suspension over the hit to Hudler which surprised many if not most. Both teams played solid games in game one and the goalies looked good too. This should hopefully be an exciting morning game.


Hurricanes @ Bruins - 4:30PM - Versus HD - Bruins Lead Series 1-0

Boston rolled to the 4-1 victory on Friday, showing no effects from the layoff. The Canes need to pick it up a notch. They didn't put up a whole lot of fight in game 1 and they don't have to win tonight, but they need to get on track and at least perform better. If hey don't pick up some confidence going back home this could be an ugly series. I hope they do because Boston coasting into the Conference finals is not good for anyone...