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Time To Get Out of the Fallout Bunker - A Coyote Fan Under Siege


Having locked himself away to ride out the storm, OdinMercer finally cames out of his fallout shelter to be greeted with Balsillie whining and his team hurt, but still intact. Victory over the evil oozing over us like maple syrup is almost here...

So it's been a long couple of weeks. The team I love is being treated like a friggin chew toy between a couple of pit bulls. All the talk that should be about a promising young team full of talent has been pushed to the side in favor of which of the bald guys win this fight. Seriously. In order to be an executive in this league do you have to go the chrome dome route? Also to Balsillie's attorney: Wear a tie to court next time you look like an idiot. Back on point now... I'm done with this part until some actual news happens. What's news then you ask? Well something actually happening beyond speculation that the team might move to Las Vegas, more opinion to add to the growing pile etc. "News" would be more things actually happening in the case that are verifiable. For example: Balsillie today reiterated that if the court doesn't get everything done by July 1 then he's taking his bid back. Pretty important stuff right? That's news. So I'll post fanshots or whatever to let you know about those things. Other than that? We're back to the business of running a hockey team here dammit! We've got draft picks to make, players to sign or resign (Hey, we gotta sign someone, there's still a cap floor right?) and a team to field. The good money has the Yotes being here for the coming season anyways so let's get back to the fun part of being a hockey fan. Dissecting the intricacies of the salary cap, free agency and calling other people names? Ready? Well so am I. But I'm keeping the bunker stocked... just in case.