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News From the Desert - Your Recap of the "News" From Today

Let's take a look at what garbage we can pick up and recycle from around the interwebz for today...

Phil Esposito said the other day that he thinks the Coyotes should stay in Phoenix. Gerry Cheevers disagrees. Further proving that nothing good ever comes from the Bruins.

We've also garnered the support of the Honorable Senators from the Great State of New York. They may not necessarily be supporting the Coyotes full on saying they hope they stay in Phoenix, but they sure don't want them moving too close to Buffalo. Either way, we'll take all the support we can get.

More support from the Commish. Not that we would expect anything less at this point:

"I know people will point to Winnipeg and Quebec, but let me refresh recollections," Bettman said. "In both of those cities the buildings were old and antiquated and the current owners at that time didn't want to own them anymore. Despite all the efforts to find buyers for those franchises, we couldn't find them to keep them there. There was no prospect of new buildings and those teams couldn't survive in the buildings they were in. That's why the franchises moved.

"There is a brand new building in Phoenix. There are people that are supportive of the franchise and want to keep it there."

-From Statement on his Weekly Radio Show

At least ONE of the Toronto newspapers is (sometimes) on our side. I usually don't really like much of what Damien Cox has to say about, well, pretty much anything. But in this article he compares our situation with that of the St. Louis Blues of 26 years ago. They were litteraly about to be moved to Saskatoon. We joke about Saskatoon nowadays, but there was about to be NHL hockey there. Here's a similar article from the guys over at St. Louis Gametime. More indepth and less written by a douchebag. Well, scratch thet, but at least it goes into more detail (Kidding guys!) 

Yeah. This guy isn't far off on the court proceedings. Except you have to substitute the actual people for their jerky lawyers. Which is just fine since it seems like the Judge hates all of them so far. Which i'll take. His vacation is more important than Moyes/Balsillie getting things done on their timetable.

Darren Dregger has an interesting question. What does happen to the guys with no-movement clauses if the team itself moves? Would Shane Doan just play for no-one? Wwuld we still have to watch Jovanovski play in town even without an NHL team? What rights transfer and which ones don't?

Yet another reason I can't give any credibility to anything on the Bleacher Report. This guy wants to move the Coyotes to Salt Lake City into an arena with 14,000 seats. Really? I thought that people were being realistic about this...

...Speaking of realistic, at least there are some rational people to be found as far as it comes to moving the team to Winnipeg. This group of Pegger sports reporters seem to agree that right now it isn't going to happen. Not until the league as a whole has taken a nose dive in terms of costs and prestige.

Here's to a Victory for Phoenix Fans!