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Playoffs Round II - Day 2: Quack Quack Mr. Duckworth!

Two more second round series open up tonight with the Ducks in Detroit to face the Red Wings and the Hurricanes in Boston squaring off with the Bruins. Us West Coasters really only get Ducks-Red Wings, so we'll focus on that a little bit more as the league continues to deny that the Hurricanes are even in the playoffs.


Anaheim Ducks @ Detroit Red Wings - 4PM - VERSUS HD

Jonas Hiller and other assorted Ducks players that helped win Round 1 against the Detroit scoring machine. At least the Ducks will punish the Wings and provide a challenge, unlike the previous round. Selane has looked better and better and the Ducks are looking to take out all the top teams apparently as they're just going down the list of top ranked teams. Game on. I'll root for the Ducks even though I dislike them because the Wings are pure evil.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Boston Bruins - 4:30PM - Nada, Nil-Set

I guess the NHL doesn't want a national TV audience to even know there is a team from Carolina. They take down the Devils and still get no National TV love. At least not for a whole game. We might see a period after Det-Ana. Hopefully they can make a game of it against Zdeno 'Baby-Eater' Chara and the Bruins after the cubs swept Les Habitants in the 1st round. Go Canes in this one since a win for 1 southern market team is a win for all southern market teams.