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Phoenix Coyotes @ San Jose Sharks Preview: This One Doesn't Matter Either


Not trying to be defeatist or anything... This was just hilarious.

Welcome to another game that doesn't really matter. San Jose has all but finalized it's number one seed in the west and the President's Trophy. We've all but locked up a lottery pick. What's to play for tonight? A whole lot of nothing. Maybe give some guys one more chance to impress before we wrap up the season. Does that mean I'm not still going to watch and hope we do well? Of course not. I'm just not all that invested in it.

Five for Winning

Montoya Returns!: After a brutal game on Tuesday, Bryzgalov hits the pine again and we get to see if Montoya can hang in there against a real team. No offense meant to Colorado and Los Angeles, but they're not exactly grade A competition this year. Now he gets to try and stop the best team in the NHL. Talk about trial by fire. Vaya con Dios man.

San Jose Stuck in the Snow: The Avs and Peter Budaj took the Sharks to the limit the other night. It was a 0-0 tie until the shootout. They'll be motivates to correct what they did wrong in that game so as not to take a backward slide into the playoffs.

Sharks Are Feeling Better: Up until the last week San Jose was looking like one banged up team. However Mike Grier and Claude Lemieux both came back last game from injuries and Ryan Clowe and Patrick Marleau are expected to be back tonight. Way to be guys. Thanks for coming back against us...

Does anyone Play Defense?: Our defense looked even worse than usual against the Blues, which frankly I didn't believe possible. Not just the DMen, but the forwards were just making bad decisions, not hitting, and generally looked like a team who's season was over. I get it. It's hard to gear up for games now. Get over it. I still pay to watch this stuff. Get your heads on straight.

Fancy Moves: One thing that has been very impressive is our puck handling as individuals. While passing has been weak too. Once our guys control the puck they have been making some nifty moves. They haven't been translating into goals as much as they need to though as we always seem to make that extra move that gives the opposition the chance to take it away. Keep working at it.

That is all.