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Phoenix Coyotes @ LA Kings: Deja Vu

I feel like we've been here before... I don't know. This just feels awfully familiar... Oh right, it's because we always seem to have home and homes with these guys. I'm on the road today, so I likely won't be around for the gametime fun. and I'll need to hurry this along so we can take the dusty road to Tucson for the day. I'll just give you a whole bunch of bullet Points rather than the standard witty five.

  • Al Montoya will get the start again tonight. Hey, remember back in the day when we had Telly and Gretzky always said he would ride the hot goalie but didn't? Why didn't we actually do that back in the day? Seems to be working out for us.
  • The Coyotes will go for a season high of 4 straight wins tonight. That says something about the beginning of our season too. Even when our record was good we couldn't put it together consistantly. Even if it won't matter for the playoff race, learning to do that now would help.
  • Quick should be in goal again tonight on the other side. He did well on Thursday but Montoya was on top of his game and LA wasn't getting enough shots (outside of the second period) to make it matter.
  • Phoenix is now 4-1-0 against LA on the season.

That's all I've got for right now. Game thread will be up at 7:00, Game starts at 7:30 on AZTV and Radio has moved to AM 550 for tonight as the NCAAs are on 910. If anyone has other notes to contribute post 'em in the comments!