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Playoffs Day 14: Round 1 Ends Tonight

Well the West was finished up last night with the Sharks falling to the Ducks and the Hawks puting out the Flames. Tonight we get to find out who the reamining 2 teams from the East will be in a pair of game 7s.


Rangers @ Capitals - 4PM - Versus HD - Series Tied 3-3

The Capitals have dominated the last couple games of this series to force a game 7 back at home. Hopefully this year they'll be able to seal the deal and move on to the next round. They'll have to do without bruiser Brashear who has been suspended for 6 games for his hit on Blair Betts on Saturday. The Offense has come alive and Varlimov has been way better than anyone could have hoped for a 21 year old rookie. The Rangers have looked awful on the other side though. Turnovers are constant and the defense isn't doing Lundqvist any favors. I say the Caps win.


Hurricanes @ Devils - 4:30PM - Versus HD - Series tied 3-3

I would say that this game is going to be a goalie duel after how many games have been decided by the tending, but after the Canes won 4-0 to force game 7, anything could happen. I have absolutely no horse in this race, but if the goals start going in early I go with the Canes. In a goalie battle Broedeur gets the edge.