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Playoffs Day 12: The Twelve Days of Playoffs

On the Twelfth day of Playoffs my League gave to me:

Twelve Forwards Forechecking
Eleven Analysts Shouting
Ten Sticks a Breaking
Nine Goalies Saving
Eight Teams Left Playing
Seven Games a Series
Six D-Men Blocking
Five Highlight Goals
Four Zebras Whistling
Three Metal Posts
Two Minute Minors
And a Cup Named After Lord Stanley

Here's the Action for Today:


Capitals @ Rangers - 11AM - NBC HD - New York Leads Series 3-2

New York may be in ahead in the series, but today will be a difficult one at best. The Rangers had possibly the wost game any team has played so far in the playoffs on Friday. That was absolutely atrocious. Then John Tortorella gets after a fan earning him a suspension from Game 6 which is no small thing. The biggest problem is that they seem to have awoken Ovechkin which could be a the icing on the cake. I'm not saying he's going to win them the series, but I'm not betting against the Caps pushing it to a game 7.


Devils @ Hurricanes - 4:30PM - Versus HD - Devils Lead Series 3-2

We finally get to see a whole game of this series out on the West Coast. Up until now we had to be satisfied with The 3rd period of games or lookins while other games were at intermission. Both teams have been playing well, but Marty Brodeur took control of game 4 after a controversial goal ended game 4. A mad Marty is never a good thing. This continues to be a back and forth series though and Every game someone else steps up. Both teams have looked good in general and the goalies have been on fire with rare exceptions. Hopefully this is another good game.

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