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Playoffs Day 9: 1st Round Continues On...

2 of the 8 series are already over with 2 more teams looking to eliminate their opponents tonight. The playoffs are finally starting to have the intensity that we expect from teams chasing the Stanley Cup. Here's the run down of what's on tap for tonight.

Flyers @ Penguins - 4PM - Versus HD - Penguins lead the series 3-1

The Flyers tried their best to at least hold on to their home games on Tuesday, but just couldn't make it happen. Marc Andre Fleury was huge in goal for the Pens only allowing one goal in the game. Miroslav Satan will be back in for the Penguins who has not been strong all year against the Flyers. Biron will have to step up if the Flyers want to stay alive.


Red Wings @ Blue Jackets - 4PM - No Local TV - Red Wings lead series 3-0

Tough draw for the Jackets who have not fared well against the playoff ready Wings. They've taken a beating in this series and Mason just hasn't been able to steal them a game. It's not his fault though as the Jackets just haven't been effective on either end. They haven't look awful, but they just haven't played at the level of the Wings. Hopefully the Jackets can steal a game tonight to at least make things interesting.


Hurricanes @ Devils - 4:30 PM -  Lookins on Versus HD - Series Tied 2-2

I haven't seen any of this series as we've been force fed Pens - Flyers on versus every night it's been on. The Hurricanes are not making anything easy on the Devils who most probably expected to win this series. Everything just keeps going back and forth. Too bad I haven't been able to see squat because much like CHI- CAL this series is getting lost behind the others.


Sharks @ Ducks - 7PM - Versus HD - Ducks lead series 2-1

The sharks will be coming out looking to tie everything up and steal back home ice advantage. Though that hasn't mattered much in this series as the road team has won every game. Hiller has looked sharp most of the time while Nabokov, even in the win, has given up some weak goals. The Sharks had better pick this up tonight or things will start looking grim for the President's Trophy winners.