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Playoffs Day 8 Reactions

Was a big night in the first round action with 3 series that are having markedly reults. One team eliminated, one painting itself into a corner and one series that looks like it might actually go 7 games though no one seems to be paying attention to it.

Bruins - Canadiens

Capitals - Rangers

  • DMG recaps last night's game for J.P. and the crew at Japer's Rink. He thanks Sean Avery for trying his best to had the game to the Caps and calls out Washington for not being able to adapt to the Ranger's pressure game.
  • Blueshirt Banter is thankful that Henrik Lunqvist has performed the way he has. Plenty of other contributers to the Rangers' wins, but the Capitals have been launching the puck non-stop to get back in this series and Henrik has been on fire.

Blackhawks - Flames

  • Second City reports that everything was coming up Hawks in the first 2 periods for the mostpart. Then in the 3rd the train came off the rails and they did the exact same thing Calgary did in games 1 and 2. That being collapsed. They hung in there and kep coming back, but the Flames were just a step ahead.
  • Matchsticks and Gasoline is happy with the win, but from the look of the comments fans are tempering that with a mix of concern about players going down last night. Daymond Langkow is down with a hand injury and Craig Conroy is day-to-day. You better believe they'll be in if at all possible.