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Playoffs Day 8: Centennial Over?

Last night was full of good games, and I expect that tonight will be just as fun and exciting. 3 games on tap for tonight starting very shortly, so let's get to them.


Bruins @ Canadiens - 4PM - No Local TV - Bruins lead series 3-0

The biggest is probably the matchup between the Bruins and the Canadiens. All season we've been bombarded with the Habs historic 100th Season. They got the All-Star Game (Which should have been here), tons of media attention and even a special Canadien Dollar. I'm so tired of hearing about it from NHL circles that i'm happy for them to be going into game 4 down 3-0. Then at least we won't have to hear about some fairy tale season.


Capitals @ Rangers - 4PM - Versus HD - Rangers lead series 2-1

The road team has won every game in this series so far. Rangers grabbed the first two at Washington and the Caps took game 3 at the Garden. Semin and Ovechkin have started to wake up and Varlamov was lights out. Shutting out the Rangers and frustrated the Rangers to the point that Sean Avery tried (and mostly failed) to get into the rookie goaltender's head. If Avery gets many minutes tonight I'll be looking for some big hits to get landed on him after the cheap shot last time out.


Blackhawks @ Flames - 7PM - Versus HD - Chicago leads series 2-1

The Flames finally started to wake up last game against the Hawks It wasn't a stellar game to start it off, but once they got going they slammed the door on the Hawks offense. Olli Jokinen started waking up, even though he burned his own team early with some, as the announcer put it "selfish play", leading the the early Hawks goal, but after that it was all Flames. I swear, if I hear the color guy say "The Hawks' spacing is fantastic!" one more time I'm gonna choke him.