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Playoffs Day 7: It's a Busy Busy Night

 Most of the Action around the league has already started but I was unexpectedly held up at work. So i'll just make this your open thread and see if anyone wants to stop by and talk playoffs. Besides, the one series we really care about plays it's game 3 in a little over an hour.


Sharks @ Ducks - 7:30PM - Versus HD

Ducks lead the series 2-0

I seriously have no idea what's wrong with this San Jose team. They've looked off ever since the end of the regular season, including when our  Coyotes beat them at the Tank. Maybe next season they should back off the regular season a little and have to struggle for thier place at the end. Would that make them more hungry to win? I don't know, but they haven't taken their opportunities when they had them and Hiller has been awesome. We'll have to see if they can get back in this or if the 1 seed is making an early exit...

These Games already in Progress:


Devils @ Hurricanes - Devils lead Series 2-1


Flyers @ Penguins - Pens lead series 2-1


Canucks @ Blues - Canucks lead series 3-0


Red Wings @ Blue Jackets - Red Wings lead series 2-0