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Playoffs Day 6: Do or Die Night

Tonight is a crucial night for many of the teams in the playoffs. All of the series in action tonight have one of the teams up 2-0 looking to all but end the hopes of thier opponents. Here's a look at what's on tap tonight.


Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers - 4PM - Versus HD
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The Caps have dug themselves a deep hole in this series, losing both home games befor heading to Madison Square Garden. They've been lacking some fire, but really it's been Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers D that have taken control of the series. Ovechkin hasn't been effective at all, but neither has the Ranger's offense. against Varlimov. 1-0 win in the last game, and 4-3 in the first one, they've been just good enough to can the Caps. If the Capitals can steal these two it'll turn this series on it's head. Varlimov starts again tonight and Brashear will bring some physicality to the lineup as he's been added. 


Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens - 4PM - None Locally
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The Habs aren't looking like they're going to be doing much more Centenial Season celebrating (Thank God. Good history, but it's really enough) as they also head into tonight down 0-2. The Bruins really picked up the physicality in the last game. Though maybe a little too much. Milan Lucic is suspended for the game for cross-checking Maxim Lapierre in the head. So far in the series though the Canadiens haven't really looked all that sharp in a 4-2 loss and then a 5-1 drubbing on Saturday. They at least need to give the B's a challenge though, I don't want anyone skating away easily from the first round.

Chicago Blackhawks @ Calgary Flames - 6:30PM - Versus HD
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The Flames come into tonight's action in the same boat as the Habs and Caps. They're down, but at least have been in each of the previous games. What they need is to be able to put together a complete game. They've led at times and just let the Hawks come right back. both games were 3-2 contests, but if the Flames can't start taking advantage of opportunities, they'll be little more than a speed bump on the Hawks' way to the second round.


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