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Playoffs Day 5: Things Start To Get Interesting...

Here's a quick rundown and open thread for today's games.


Penguins @ Flyers - Penguins lead series 2-1

This game is already completed, but at least the playoffs here are starting to get interesting. Flyers beat up on the Penguins 6-3 in what was a VERY fiesty game. More in depth recaps to come from Pensburgh and Broad Street Hockey to come soon.

Canucks @ Blues - 4PM - Versus HD - Canucks lead series 2-0

This is the game I'm most looking formard on tonight's slate. The Canucks head in with a 2-0 advantage, but St. Louis is not GM Place and the Canucks and Luongo aren't nearly as invincible on the road. The crowd will hopefully be charged up to see some playoff hockey that has been missing for the Blues for a while, and push the Blues to have a better game than the last 2 have been. Check out St. Louis Gametime and Nucks Misconduct for gamethreads.


 Devils @ Hurricanes - 4:30 PM - No TV - Series Tied 1-1

This series continues to get no TV coverage out here on the West coast, so I'm not really sure what to tell you about it. Cam Ward stole a game, Marty took the other, so we'll have to see what they can do against eachother as the series moves to Carolina. In Lou We Trust and Canes Country will have more.


Ducks @ Sharks - 7PM - Versus HD - Ducks Lead Series 1-0

The Sharks will look to come back after a disappointing, and rare, home loss to the Ducks in the last series to play it's game 2 tonight. I can't say i'm rooting for either team, but I hope the Sharks can make this a series. Another bad showing at the tank would not bode well for a team that continues to have great regular seasons, but terrible playoff showings. Battle of California and Fear the Fin have your team coverage.

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