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Around the Playoffs: Day 4 Wrapups

Capitals - Rangers

  • J.P. at Jaspers' Rink was understandable bummed. Rather than post up a post game, he posted this picture of Alex Ovechkin instead. The look pretty much says it all...
  • Blueshirt Banter breaks down the reasons behind the Rangers' 2-0 advantage in the series. It boils down to one word for them. Pressure.

Red Wings - Blue Jackets

Blackhawks - Flames

  • Second City Hockey is excited to be able to put up pictures of the Hawks winning a playoff game. They held serve and even with out the best effort all game took the Flames out.
  • Kent at Matchsticks and Gasoline is necessarily optimistic, but he thinks the Flames have been in these games for the most part. They have been, but they have to be able to put games away to have any chance.

Bruins - Canadiens

  • Stanley Cup of Chowder is probably too busy recoving from a hangover to be able to do a game wrap up as the Bruins dominated the Habs. They beat them up pretty good both physically and on the scoreboard. Interesting to see how the Habs recover...
  • Robert at Habs Eyes on the Prize doesn't think that Gainey has been doing very well in the coaching chess match against Julien. Based on the record and poor play last game i'd have to say he's right.

Check out the SBN playoff hub for any other stories surounding the teams...

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