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Playoffs Day 4: I'm Dying Here... Send Pretzels and Dr. Pepper...

Things I am grateful for this playoff season:

  • That we haven't done this NBA style and dragged the first round out for 40 days.
  • That although my Coyotes aren't in them, that means I don't have to hear about moving the team to Saskatoon from every other announce team.
  • Chris Mason's Playoff beard.
  • Sidney Crosby's lack of one to avoid last year's debacle.
  • That while I have been stuck with Versus, that means no Pierre McGuire apparently. WIN!
  • The new LCD panel in the office. Makes blogging while hockey watching that much easier.

Today's Match ups


New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals - 10AM - NBC

New York was the only away team to grab game one in the playoffs. Hopefully the Caps can get back in this and Jose Theodore becomes an NHL goalie again. Otherwise all those rumors of him sitting on the pine will come true.


Columbus Blue Jackets @ Detroit Red Wings - 3PM - NHLN

Columbus must overcome the forces of evil! Yeah it's their first time in the playoffs, but let's make it interesting guys. Steve Mason is going to need to have a big game and they really just need to get past the Detroit D. Osgood had a good game on Thursday, but that can't be allowed to happen again.


Montreal Canadiens @ Boston Bruins - 5PM - Versus HD

METEOR! METEOR! Montreal needs to keep this series interesting so the two teams can destroy each other and the Caps can take the Bruins down in the next round. Fight! Fight! Fight!


Calgary Flames @ Chicago Blackhawks - 6PM - None in AZ

Yeah. Just destroy each other guys. No love lost for either of your squads. Cammalleri should have gotten suspended, but didn't. Let's see what crap they pull tonight because of it.