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Around The Playoffs: Your Links for Playoff Game Reactions

Well I'm not sure I liked all the results in tonight's game, but at least tonight had some more compelling games to watch. Pens-Flyers Went to OT, I didn't see anything of the Canes/Devils, and the Blues ended up getting shutout by the Canucks on the back of Luongo and his posts. Here are some links to the other SBN blogs coving the teams and their wrap ups of how things went down last night.

Pens - Flyers

  • Hooks Orpik over at Pensburgh was rightly excited about the roller coaster OT Win. He gives plenty of credit to the Flyers for showing up tonight, unlike Wednesday, but was more than happy they got squashed in the extra period.
  • Travis at Broad Street Hockey was also happy that the Flyers showed up last night, but was also disappointed that it didn't really count for much in the end. Stop by and give him a hug. He might be needing it...

Devils - Canes

  • John from In Lou We Trust doesn't think the Canes were the better team tonight, but that Cam Ward was on fire. He's not far off the mark from what little I saw.
  • Canes Country is reveling in their hard earned victory. The guys are a little disappointed that the Canes took so many penalties, but at least it came out of a physical game and weren't totally useless penalties. They are also happy that Cam Ward remembered that he's actually been playing well lately and put game 1 behind him.

Canucks - Blues