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Day 3: More Playoffs Maybe I Can Root For Some Tonight?

Last night's games were absolutely brutal. I just stopped watching later in the night. There just wasn't much compelling hockey there to me. Maybe I'm wrong? It sure seemed pretty boring though. Hopefully tonight's set of games proves to be a little bit more compelling to us fans of non-playoff teams. Here's what's on tap for tonight...

Flyers @ Penguins - 4:00 pm - Versus HD - Pens lead series 1-0

The Flyers got killed the last time out. They just didn't show up looking like they were ready to play playoff hockey. The Penguins? They were on it. They ticked the Flyers off pretty good apperently because Danny Carcillo earned himself a one game suspension for buttending Maxim Talbot on a faceoff. Hopefully that means Cammalleri from the Flames gets the same but I doubt it.


Hurricanes @ Devils - 4:30 - No Local TV - Devils lead series 1-0

Another game that wasn't really all that exciting from the Opening games on Wednesday. Cam Ward was not at his best, messing up my Playoff Pool big time. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully the Canes find that same fire that got them into the playoffs and make this a bit more interesting.

St. Louis @ Vancouver - 7:00 PM - Versus HD - Canucks lead series 1-0

This should be the game to watch tonight. The Canucks aren't all that bad, and St. Louis played excellent at the close of the season, but just couldn't solve Luongo. They put a ton of pressure and got plenty of chances, but just couldn't make it happen. Maybe tonight is when TJ Oshie and David Backes show why they're the future of the Central Division.