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Playoffs Day 2: Which of these teams do I hate the least...

Yesterday was mostly the Eastern Conference teams getting started on all their series. Tonight we get three Western Conference battles and Bruins vs. Habs. All in all there's not one team that I like. I know certain among us have chosen a backup team, but I haven't been able to do that yet. Mostly because there aren't many teams that I don't hate so it really comes down to who I hate the least. In any event, here are tonight's matchups.


Columbus @ Detroit - 4:00 AZ Time - Versus or NHL Network

Team Blogs: The Cannon (JUST LAUNCHED TODAY!) - Winging it in Motown

I have to root for the Jackets in this one simply because of the evil that the Red Wings represent. I'm not the only person that thinks they can pull off the upset here either. It all comes down to the goal tending. Steve Mason has been outstanding to pull the Jackets up into the playoff race and the Osgood/Conklin hasn't really been all that great. The Wings are fully loaded offensively though so it will be a battle. I have no real dislike for the Jackets. The only time things got chippy with them, we came out on top so I got nothing on them. Go forth and conquer boys...


Montreal @ Boston - 4:00 AZ Time - None in AZ

Team Blogs: Habs Eyes on the Prize - Stanley Cup of Chowder

This is my vote for "I hope a meteor crashes into the building" series. I don't want anyone to win. The Habs aren't allowed to win because going anywhere in the playoffs for their annoying 100 year celebrations would just make more of these season long celebrations of a single team possible. I swear if I have to hear any more about that I'll have to hurt someone. The Bruins aren't allowed to win because Blake Wheeler is on the team. The negative karma has to swallow that team whole.


Calgary @ Chicago - 5:30 AZ Time - Versus

Team Blogs: Matchsticks and Gasoline - Second City Hockey

More teams I can't stand. Every time we've played the Flames it turns into a brawlfest. I'm not entirely sure where the animosity comes from, but I've bought into it and don't want the flames getting a sniff of victory. The Hawks have demolished us every time we've faced them and then gone and been jerks about it. My vote? Calgary melts the ice and everyone falls into a lake. Also piranhas in the lake. I like it.


Anaheim @ San Jose - 7:30 AZ Time - Versus

Team Blogs: Battle of California - Fear the Fin

Battle of California? That's cool, but both of these teams play the Coyotes far too often for me to be able to support either one. There are individual players on both teams that I like and/or hate, but they're both about equal. If I had to pick one at gunpoint, I'd somehow disarm my captor and make him watch Islanders vs. Avs over and over. I'm not going to pick one.

Have fun watching the games and use this as an all purpose chat...

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